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  • Swanson's engineering department is extensively involved in part production from quote to completion of your sheet metal fab project.  This hands-on approach ensures a smooth throughput for all your products and timely delivery for each order we receive.
  • Our modern shop software enables us to view the real-time status of your order, providing you with accurate completion dates and delivery information.
  • A comprehensive part history is kept on file for every order, making repeat orders easy and cutting lead times.

specialized and custom sheet metal fabrication services

  • Swanson uses a wide variety of machinery to complete both simple and complex parts:
  • Laser Cutting - offers the ability to manufacture more complex shapes and contours than traditional shop machinery.  Our laser can cut up to 0.25" stainless steel or 0.375" carbon steel and can produce parts within close tolerances.
  • Turret Punch Press - CNC punching offers precise, repetitive piercing on many different types of materials.  Our vast library of tools enables us to save time on most orders and spare you the expense of tooling fees.
  • Press Brake Forming - CNC press brakes make repetitive forming quick and efficient, reducing your lead time and cost.
secondary operations

Swanson is capable and experienced in many secondary operations:

  • Hardware insertion
  • Welding and spot welding
  • Deburring and contour blending
  • Roll forming
  • Sand blasting
  • Assembly and sub-assembly
  • Finishing: powder coating, plating and hard coating

We pride ourselves on top-notch quality control procedures.  Every step of our sheet metal manufacturing process is designed to bring you the highest quality product, from material selection to shaping to finishing. Each item is individually inspected and carefully packaged for shipment, ensuring your parts arrive intact and to your specifications.